Every Facial is custom designed for you!

Designer Facials

We tailor your facial to meet your specific skin care needs with advanced aesthetic  technology & treatment enhancements for the ultimate skin renewing experience.

Take advantage of ultimate savings by joining the Facial Club!  Details below!

All Designer Facials~$159 (One Hour)

facial club

Facial Club $99/ Month

Take advantage of huge savings & the anti-aging benefits from a monthly facial to enhance your skin's tone, texture, and elasticity! 

Protect your skin!

The skin is the largest organ of the body!

Every day we are combating damaging sun exposure, stress, and environmental pollutants that cause free radical damage and accelerate the aging process.  Developing a healthy skin care regimen is just as important as a healthy diet.  

Keep longer lasting results from your treatments with an "at-home" skin care regimen.  Let your aesthetician prescribe you a custom skin care regimen utilizing professional (not over the counter) products with higher percentages of active ingredients needed to make improvements in your skin.

Remember to treat & protect Face, Neck, Chest, & Body!

skin care flagstaff

skin care flagstaff